A Week in Pictures

by Eva @ Committed2Nutrition on October 8, 2012

Hey Everyone!

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It is so hard to get in blog posts these days. Here’s why: 

  • Teaching 5 Zumba classes (down to 4 next week)
  • I have a full time job
  • Boyfriend
  • Wedding in Long Island on Saturday
  • Baby Shower in Boston Sunday morning
  • MELISSA time in Boston Sunday night
  • Back to CT today, did Zumba with ANNA!
  • Much needed groceries
  • and… back to my own Zumba class tonight at 6:15 (**local readers, NEW CANAAN ZUMBA CLASS!)

Are you tired reading it? I am exhausted

So, as I always say, this post may be short word-wise (at least that is my intention) but filled with lots of pictures. A week in pictures, as I like to call it.

Home-made popcorn made in a brown paper bag and just popping kernels. I add lots of spray olive oil from the Misto, extra garlic, and nutritional yeast. I admit, it’s not nearly as good as the packaged popcorn you buy at the grocery store, but this is a close 2nd, and it’s obviously much less processed and all that jazz. With that said, I did just buy a new box of packaged popcorn from Trader Joe’s. I like to mix it up – sometimes pre-packaged and sometimes home-made popcorn.

I had a half day on Friday so I stopped by Starbucks to get a little pick me up before heading to Zumba Master Class preparation with my favorite Z girls. I love that Starbucks carry’s oatmeal and all the fix-ins. I always add extra cinnamon, nutmeg, stevia, and nuts. I often add an extra oatmeal packet, too. Need-those-carbs.

I have been loving cauliflower rice with veggies. So easy and so tasty.

My favorite thing to make on the weekends: protein pancakes. This time it was chobani plain greek yogurt, oats, egg whites, apple pie spice , and stevia. This was an awesome pre-zumba power meal Saturday morning!

After I did my friend Anna’s Zumba class this morning, I was starving (Great class Anna!).  Finally when I got home to my apartment I made a huge omelette with 2 eggs, extra egg whites, steamed cauliflower and broccoli (love those steam-in-a-bag veggies!), polly-o string cheese, topped with basil, cilantro, ketchup, and sriracha. I am ridiculously full. Eggs rock, just sayin’.

Ready for some fun pictures?!

Beautiful wedding in Long Island Saturday night. I was able to see so many people from college I had not seen in a while. So great catching up with you all and congrats Tanya and Adam! I had such a great time at the wedding and it was absolutely beautiful. Check out the Vanderbilt Museum! The bride was a real stunner and food was out of this world (sorry no pictures).

My friend Nicole’s baby shower in Massachusetts. I was in her wedding 1.5 years ago :) I bought her a piggy bank with her baby’s name engraved on it. Every kid needs a piggy bank, right?!  Another day catching up with girls I had not seen since Nik’s wedding. Hi Karen! Hi Aimee!

So crazy everyone around me is having kids. So-not-there-yet. ha. 

Last but not least… I was able to spend the night with this beautiful lady in Boston. Melissa and I had way too much fun last night for Sunday Funday. I wasn’t very C2N guys.. lots of drinks, and lots and lots of chips late night. So good at the time, but total food hangover and food baby this am. But I do love those nights as they are so-much-fun. When I lived in Boston, this girl and I ran the show, ha. Not really, but we always went out together. Until next time, my friend!

So as I am writing this, I still have a Zumba class to teach tonight and finally catch up with everything else going on. Relaxing any time soon? Nope. Simple case of “I’ll sleep when I am dead” kind of weekend/new week.

I do love being busy, though. I like having things to do because I find the more I have going on, the more I get done. Anyone else feel this way? When I have nothing to do, nothing gets done as I just sit around be lazy. Don’t get me wrong, lazy days are absolutely necessary, too. I just prefer to be busy and keep movin’. I like that accomplished feeling that I feel after a day full of events. Agree? Disagree?

The truth in the matter is that part of me wanted to say no to some of the events going on this weekend. It would have made my life a little easier. However, it is really important to me to attend such things because I have had habits in the past of saying no, and when you start saying no, people stop inviting you. When I stop getting invited I get upset, sensitive, pissed off, and ya know what? I have no one to blame but myself when that happens. So I have made a much more conscious effort to meet up with old friends and attend when I am invited, and I am a much happier individual because of it. Every girl needs her friends and girlfriends, most importantly. 

The rest of the month sure is not slowing down, either. Bring it on!

I have debuted an awesome new NINE MINUTE mix for Zumba that we are doing at our Breast Cancer Fundraiser 90 minute Zumba class: 

Can’t wait to do it and tonight’s playlist!


How do you handle ridiculously busy weekends?

Do you have a history of “always saying no” to things?

What are some of your favorite ways to relax?

Here is to a great week ahead, folks.

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