W.I.A.W – Fall Crock Pot Deliciousness

by Eva @ Committed2Nutrition on October 10, 2012

Hey there, friends!

I have had the craziest weekend and this week in itself doesn’t stop. Can’t stop, won’t stop, ya know?

I love joining in on WIAW, but when I do it, it’s not always my meals. Last week is was Crock Pot Chicken, and this week I made Pork, and boy was it good! Loving me some Fall Crock Pot Recipe’s. Thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting this weekly.

First things first, I had to say goodbye to my Norwalk LA Fitness 8 pm Zumba Class. In adding in a new Monday class, that made it 5 classes per week. I just can’t do 5. 4, yes, but not 5. Since I already teach a Tuesday class at 6:30, the 8pm one made sense to drop. Plus I am really trying to build up the studios I teach on Monday’s and Tuesday’s since you do not have to be members there, and can “pay-as-you-go” kind of thing. LOCAL READERS – feel free to contact me with info regarding these classes.

Don’t worry LA, I am still teaching the Thursday class at 5:45 and also will be in Stamford on Saturday’s.

*Great class last night, everyone!*

I am also eating pumpkin-oatbran-greek yogurt-peanutbutter concoctions every single morning. It is just so good and let’s be honest, we are all on pumpkin kicks lately! I have been going through about 4 cans a week, because who just eats 1/2 cup at one sitting? I can eat almost the entire can! ha.

I love how filling it is and how it overflows the bowl. Yum.

Ok now onto a recipe…


I got this idea from my Italian Mama. Growing up she always made chicken or pork in a red sauce, and it was so good. Ya know, the kind of meat that would just “fall apart” as you ate it. Yep, that’s exactly how mine came out in this recipe. I was not disappointed, and happy I closely recreated what my Mama has made before.


  • 1lb thin slice pork chops
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 2 large cans of crushed tomato’s (I used unsalted)
  • Lots of spices thrown in: trader joe’s 21 salute, garlic, italian seasoning, basil
  • Parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper when finished


This is so easy – chop onion, and throw everything together in the crock pot. I did this Monday afternoon, so I set it on high for just about 4 hours. I would imagine you could do low for 8 hours, too.


VERY GOOD. Nick also really liked this, and when he likes something, it means I’ve actually done a decent job because he is ridiculously picky. Like I said, the pork was so tender and just would fall apart as you ate it.

I served mine with a side salad or arugula since we all know I can’t get enough of it.

Lots of grated parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper on top.

Who is loving their crock pot lately? This household can’t get enough, and I just love how easy everything is. “Set it and forget it” – haha, I had to.

Ok I am off to work – busy busy bee.


Have you ever had to give up a fitness class you were teaching? How come?

How many cans of pumpkin are YOU going through a week?

Favorite fall comfort food?

Stay tuned to C2N guys, I have some fun things I want to write about here soon, once I get get in just a tad more time to write.

Have a great day and happy WIAW!

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