Overdue Update and Klutch Box Review

by Eva @ Committed2Nutrition on October 17, 2012

Hey there, friends!

Wah-wah, here I am complaining again. It is really hard for me to get blog posts done lately. My big-girl-Accounting-job is super busy lately, Zumba and my Master Class are taking up every free day I have outside of my own Z classes, and then there are the never ending weekend plans that I can’t keep up with. I know, poor me.

 I guess it just is what it is. 

My “overdue” update is just that I am busy and don’t have time to get things done around the blog. Life is good, though, and staying positive.  The best thing of the week is my parents celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary. How crazy is that? They have been together since my mom 14 and my dad 16, and then married when my mom was 17 and my dad 19. NUTS! But, to this day, my mom says “every year gets better and better”…awww.

Love you, mom! I promise my father exists, he just HATES pictures and refuses to take them. One day I’ll get one, I’m determined.

So, a while back I received the September Klutch Box to review. Spa Month! I have finally had a chance to get through most of it, and I LOVE this. {Klutch Box reached out to me and told me if I only paid for shipping, they would send me a box for free. All opinions here are my own, FYI.} I will touch on a few of the products I love from this box.

Let me start off with how amazing my face feels. My skin has been giving me serious issues lately. What am I 13 and going through puberty all over again? Thank you, pimples. So what do I do? I increased my intake of Apple Cider Vinegar (mixed with water, ice, lemon juice, and orange stevia) along with the mud mask that came with the Klutch Box. I also am trying to make sure I wash my face the second I come home from Zumba – I admit I am so lazy sometimes I forget. Terrible.

Verdict: I just used the mud mask tonight for the second time and I cannot believe how soft my skin is. My cousin Dawn who sees me regularly even commented this past Saturday how awesome my skin has been looking lately. I love the Anatomy Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask . Thank you Anatomy. My skin has never felt better in just two uses. I really am not exaggerating, either. 

My first ever blog self portrait – impressed?! I will definitely be purchasing this mud mask from Anatomy Naturals. Anything to help my 13-year-old acne and wrinkles.

Oh yeah, reminds me! I have a wrinkle on my cheek from SMILING TOO MUCH. Total laugh line. It has to be from Zumba and how much I smile when I teach! 

Right now as I type this, I have had such a stressful day and week, so I tapped into the Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium Powder. For months now I have been taking a Magnesium supplement. Why? Well when I started teaching 4+ Zumba classes per week, my knees were killing me. Once I started Magnesium, I kid you not, the pain went away.

Click here for the top 5 health benefits of magnesium. The box also came with a huge pamphlet explaining the benefits of Magnesium. Very informative.

In addition to my knees no longer hurting, I had less frequent headaches (I grind my teeth at night so I get headaches often), and I have been sleeping 10x better at night. Looks like magnesium is also good for reversing osteoporosis since it has the ability to improve bone density.  Word. Works for me.

I mixed 2 teaspoons in cold water and stirred. It tastes like lemonade. I really like it. And so do my knees, ha.

Last but not least, Nick and I LOVE the Zenify drink. I need more of these!

The taste was delicious. It reminded me of Fresca! Who has has Fresca? Brings back middle school memories. Or high school when we mixed vodka with fresca, ha.

I love the idea of this Klutch Box where you can sample a huge array of products on a monthly basis for only $18. I often find myself buying products I don’t love or need and wasting money. With a sample of products, I can test them out for a fraction of the price and then make the plunge to pay the hefty price tag for the real big-girl size. I will be paying the $42 for the mud mask – no questions asked.

The membership is also very user-friendly. You can opt in and opt out whenever you want. I like that because if I am not feeling it one month, I can opt out for that month. If I like the next month, no problem, sign right back in to get it.

I am happy to report I did pay the $18 to get the October box, and I am looking forward to it. Should be here any day now :)

A few other exciting {food} things:

Courtney from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life created a chicken burger and it inspired me to do the same.  It was delicious. Who knew adding greek yogurt to the mix made lean meat much more moist? I did! I just took a pound of lean ground chicken, adding some spices, and a few tablespoons of greek yogurt and that was it. Cooked them on the stove in a generous portion of coconut oil for about 5 minutes on each side. Delicious dinner in minutes.

I also have become obsessed with Truffle Oil. It is definitely pricey but oh-so-freakin-good. I couldn’t not share how much I love this stuff. I love mushrooms so no surprise I also love the oil. This is one of those instances that the steep price tag is worth it.

I have been cooking more and more with oils lately, and not sure why I ever didn’t do this. My go-to has always been cooking spray mixed with a little oil, but now it’s ALL oil and limited cooking spray. It makes food that much more flavorful and filling. Plus there is nothing wrong with fats.

I am SPENT! That’s all.


What is your favorite fash wash or mask? Any home-made recipes?

What is your favorite oil to cook with?

Are you a magnesium lover like I am?

Do you over buy products? Do you prefer samples to start?

**Only 8 more days until my ZUMBA MASTER CLASS FOR BREAST CANCER!!! Tickets are basically sold out. SO EXCITED! (if you can’t tell).


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