Today is the day! and Pumpkin Rolls!

by Eva @ Committed2Nutrition on October 26, 2012

Am I really getting around to writing two blog posts this week? I am up early this Friday morning so I am taking advantage of some time.

As you are all probably sick of hearing, today is my ZUMBA MASTER CLASS with my good friends & other Zumba Instructors, Anna and Alejandra.

We have been working super hard on this since end of August, and it’s all for a good cause as 100% of the proceeds are going to Breast Cancer Research. We have a lot of really cool sponsors – Robek’s, Star 99.9, Propel Fitness Water, and some other local places. Thank you, Everyone! I am sure I will over load you all with pictures next week as we have a professional photographer capturing the event. I am just so excited. And so excited that I was up way too early this morning.


Before I dive into a yummy pumpkin roll recipe, here is a sneak peak of our outfits: {you can laugh, it’s okay}

I made up the name that we are the “Zumba Breast Cancer Elves” – haha, I seriously crack myself up. The second I put on those socks I felt like an elf, or someone going to CrossFit, and I don’t do CrossFit (maybe one day).

Ok so I made something delicious last weekend I have been dying to post:


I followed this recipe almost exactly from Fox – except the major difference was I used to Truvia Baking Blend instead of the stevia, and I forgot to use powdered sugar for the frosting. So click that link to see it.

I’ll be honest, I SUCK at presentation and these look terrible when you compare them to the photo in the recipe link. But TASTE? SO-FREAKIN-GOOD!! So, please, do me a favor, ignore the amazing photo in the recipe, and pretend mine really look as good, because I swear they taste delicious!

Are we sick of pumpkin yet? NOT IN THIS HOUSE!

Mine really look so bad, haha, I almost can’t even believe I am posting pics. Whatever.

I think the second time around I’ll master the technique. Practice always helps, ya know?

Last but not least, I was on a cooking roll (ha) last Saturday morning and made finally a perfect protein pancake before I headed to Zumba:

It was so easy – about 1/2 cup egg whites, 1.5 scoops sun warrior vanilla protein, lots of cinnamon, pinch of xanathan gum, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, and A LOT of stevia, because god knows I need some sweetness in these things.

I mixed all the ingredients together, and threw on a pan with coconut oil.


Perfect pre-Zumba class meal.

And see, practice makes perfect, because I have been doing “pancakes” for a few months now and they look terrible. FINALLY I get a good-looking one. I was proud (ha-ha).

Ok I am off to get ready for work and then count down the minutes to the ZUMBA BREAST CANCER MASTER CLASS!!!

Happy Friday, Everyone!!

Are you sick of pumpkin yet?

Favorite pancake? How long did it take you to perfect? 

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