My Zumba Warm Up Mix!

by Eva @ Committed2Nutrition on March 14, 2013

Hi All!

Long time no talk, eh? I think this video will explain it all. My life is centered around my big girl accounting job, all things ZUMBA (teaching 3 classes per week PLUS a bunch of upcoming Master Classes in the works – LOCAL PEEPS, mark your calender for April 12th!!), and Nicholas.

My class on Saturday let me film the warm up that I do for DJ Alan Baddmix who creates a lot of mixes for us spazztastic Zumba Instructors. I just love the mix. The class’ energy is amazing, too. Who doesn’t love some old school ‘DA DIP?!

So we ready for some fun and to see my crazy self on video teaching an 8 minute zumba warm up mix?!  I admit, I was shocked to see myself look like that – I didn’t realize I was such a spazz, ha-ha. Doesn’t seem to bother people much – my classes get bigger and bigger!

Teaching is truly the greatest passion of my life – and I hope I can do this forever (although, let’s be realistic, probably not?). I am truly blessed to have so many people support me and come to my classes week after week. This goes out to all of them – THANK YOU! You make what I do unbelievably enjoyable.

Hope you enjoyed it!

What is your greatest passion in your life?

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