Zumba Update and who cares about numbers?

by Eva @ Committed2Nutrition on March 30, 2013

Hi guys!

This girl is working VERY hard over here on Zumba. April 12th is my next “master class”, ie, a 90 minute Zumba class that is not hard, just 90 minutes of all my class’ favorite routines, to raise money for a great charity. It is at an amazing venue – Intensity Fitness in Norwalk CT, starting at 7 pm. This venue is AWESOME – lots of lights, an incredible sound system, and a stage for us instructors. I seriously can guarantee all my local Zumba peeps who do not come to this event will REGRET it. My own boyfriend is coming – you don’t want to miss this!

(So see me for tickets, or get online at www.zumbaformitochondria.eventbrite.com)

This routine will DEFINITELY be included in the playlist, one of my absolute favorites!


Also, as someone who has been there, I wanted to share an amazing blog post I have come across. Amanda @ Running with Spoons has a great post on how fixating on #’s – whether it be calories, the # on the scale, measuring, etc. is all POINTLESS and it really takes away from living a truly fulfilling life. I have spoken with a lot of people as of late who place way too much emphasis on the #’s, and I really wanted to share this post. Great reminder that you are not defined by the # on the scale every morning and restricting calories FAILS. Thank you, Amanda for a great post. Check it out here.

THE ONLY NUMBERS I COUNT ARE THE 8’s IN ZUMBA ROUTINES. (Instructors, PLEASE count your music. It makes ALL the difference and your class 100% notices when you are off beat. Ok thanks for the tangent).

I just taught Zumba this am, but master class prep calls and I must go rehearse! ZUMBA NEVER ENDS in this house, ha. This Event truly means the world to me and I have put my whole heart into it, DO NOT MISS IT! 

zumba zumba

Later Friends!

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